The Visionary Way

A course that teaches you how to tranform your photos with the mindful process of film photography.


What if it was possible to put the power in your hands to elevate your work immediately while also providing a hiehgtened awarness and mindful appreciation for your life?

You may be at the beginning of your business with very few photos, but you definitely have a voice and need your photos to communicate your high value to your dream clients.  

The problem is hiring a pro every time you need high quality photos for social media and your website is costly.  

In The Visionary Way I give you all the tools you need to easily create stunning photos whenever you need them!  

The Visionary Way is a beautiful, mindful process that teaches you how to weave your visual tapestry so you can have a high value aesthetic for your Instagram and website.  

And transform your snapshots into frame worthy art for your home.

The Visionary Way is two fold:

The first teaches you how to use film to capture light that is warm and luminous.  

The second coaches you through the mindful methodology to slow down and be present to create meaninful memories and beautiful photos.

This is for you ...

  • If you are just starting out in your creative endevors and need photos that communicate your worth and match your creative aesthetic.
  • If you create beautiful pieces of art already (I’m talking to you, calligraphers, floral designers, stationers, artists, ribbon dyers, and stylists) so you can mindfully create imagery that speaks to the heart of your brand without spending your entire marketing budget on a pro-photographer.
  • If you desire to be present while also creating images of your life that will last
  • If you desire to not only create an elevated sought-after portfolio, but you also desire to create with an elevated process 

This is a process that invites us to slow down, be more intentional and create high quality imagery for both our work and our lives.

What would mindful imagery do for your legacy in both your work and life?

I'm Sara ...

I started my business as a digital photographer, but I got so frustrated with all the time I spent behind the computer, I knew something had to change! So I made the switch from digital to film, fell in love, got my life back, and never looked back!  

I thought all the things film did for me: slowing me down, creating mindfully, elevating my business so I could attract my dream clients and charge more, even a new way of creating meaningful memories - I thought it was all unique to me.  

It wasn't until I started teaching film to others that I realized this process is for everyone! Not to mention the quickest and cheapest way for anyone anywhere to elevate their portfolios and turn snapshots into art!!  

It is now my mission to put this power into the hands of other artists, creatives, calligraphers, florists, ceramists, jewlery designers, stylists, photographers, makers, anyone who desires to expereince and see what this intential and mindful process can and will do for them!

The film process is for everyone. Film was created for the everyday consumer. Translation: Film was created for you and it's easy!!

"Sara singlehandedly gave me the knowledge and confidence to start shooting film. 

Her careful guidance allowed me to learn quickly, and from my very first roll, I had beautiful images to work with! She has given me another tool in my creative arsenal, and I could not be more appreciative!" 

— Renee Swigert, of a Ribbons of Red (@ribbonsofred)


The Course Curriculum

Module 1 

The step by step how-tos you need to reach amazing results immediately!

What it means to rate your film and meter accordingly.

Which film stocks to start with and why.

How to conquer exposure and get consistent results.

How to shoot both light and airy images as well as moody images.  

Composition, consistency, and variety so your photos tell a story.

Module 2 + 3 

Coaching and methods for creating beautiful compositions in real life.

In my home, not a perfectly lit studio situation, I walk you through detailed video training on lighting.

How to use film to photograph florals, invitation suites, flat-lays, and portraits. 

Essential tips for capturing motion, candid photos, and formal portraits. 


  • My real wedding shot list
  • How and where to print your images

  • My Styling Kit Guide
  • Guide to the Instagram Grid


Since childhood, I've felt a burning passion for photography, but it always seemed like an unrequited love. 

My pictures never had a great "aesthetic" quality despite investing in the best digital camera I could afford. Something was definitely was missing... 

The Visionary Way offered the missing piece to the jig puzzle--it showed me how to infuse pictures with soul. The true gift of the program is learning to see life in a different way. 

Sara teaches you how the act of taking pictures can become a mindfulness practice, and this has something I've applied to other aspects of life. I love that course is both poetic and practical. Sara has a gift for making very technical aspects of lighting and composition very clear and simple, and I have a better understanding of what constitutes a good picture and the practical aspects that make that happen.  

- Paula Castillo, @_paula_castillo_

How does The Visionary Way Work?

First ...

Then ...

Before you know it ...

As soon as you enroll, the content is yours! You’ll receive an email with your log-in information within 24 hours!

You get to work through the course material at your own pace alongside your film community in the Facebook group. 

In just a few weeks you’ll have your very first brilliant images all ready to post or frame as the art in your home!  

The Visionay Way is a 2 phase course that will walk you through the techniques and practices to shoot film well …..  

And then taking those techniques and apply them through an unbelievably simple methodology to help you create variety in your individual images and consistency in your branding story!  

During our time together I will guide you through these techniques and applied creativity so you can quit watching from the sidelines while everyone else refines their voice and books the dream clients.

This will work for you if ...

Dream of hanging your memories as the art in your home.  

Need photos that communicate your worth for your website and Instagram feed.

You're feeling frustrated with the poor quaity of your photos.  

30 day money back guarantee  

It is hard to invest your hard earned money back into your business without the promise of a return.

 It’s a risk, and will the risk be worth it!?  

And maybe it hasn’t turned out well in the past ….  

That’s why I want to make sure you have a full 30 days to really pour yourself into the material, to create new content, and to see what these new images will do for your brand!  

30 days in The Portfolio Course can bring about change in all the best ways! I know it!


Shooting with film has been one of my better investments in my work. I don’t strive to be a professional photographer by trade, but I do want the control of having a professional photo portfolio of my florals so I don’t lose my body of work as a whole. And I hated being at the mercy of needing to hire a professional. Now I can experiment in my studio with pieces and photograph them myself without having to schedule a whole shoot.  

I started with my DSLR camera at first, but film captures the depth of my floral layers better, and stays in line with the fine art vibe of my brand. 

Sara was a huge help in getting me started. I styled a shoot and she walked me through how she would shoot it and how she would meter it. Then with that knowledge I could cater my own aesthetic to apply to the knowledge she gave me. Sara is an open book. She can tell you other factors you may not have thought of.

 - Brie Walter, @pavanfloral



Want to know a little bit more about me?  

Sure! I get it! Who’s this red head who says she can transform my business and life with a camera?  

I started photography on a little island called Grenada where my husband was attending medical school. It was a beautiful place and I had a lot of time on my hands! So I jumped in with both feet! 

Fast forward many years and four children later I found myself photographing my brother’s wedding after a long photography hiatus.  

But time is precious and I found myself wasting my life away chained to a computer screen, so I knew something had to change. Trying film was my last ditch effort before giving up. To my surprise I not only gained my life back, but I also found the creative process I'd been searching for for almost a decade in my digital work. 

It's ths mindful and meaningful practice that I dream of sharing with the world. It has the power to transform the way we make our memories - aka helps us create more meaningful memories. And transforms a run-of-the-mill snapshot into art. 

I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it film is the best cheat I've ever found! It's like the fast pass at Disnyland, it moves your photos from th back of the line to the front!

Nothing will transform your photos the way film will!  

Sounds great! How much does it cost?

You could figure out all of this stuff on your own! 

You could lurk Facebook groups, search out blog posts, sifting through all the contradictory information until you think you’ve got it!  

Or, you could hop on over and join the course and have brilliant images two weeks from the day your camera arrives! 

Already have a film camera!? Even better! Than you can have images two weeks from today!

You can get started today for just one payment of $49 (with 11 additional payments of $49) or, if you’re looking for a deal one payment of $549!


Do I have to be a photographer? Not at all! This course is absolutley perfect for beginners and those who do not want to be pros! 

There’s no way I can take a decent picture to save my life! How can this course possibly help me!? Because it's not your fault! Your phones and digital cameras CANNOT do what you need them to do! But film can and will! 

I just don’t have that in my budget right now! Hey, I completely understand this one, but if this investment brought you even ONE ideal client with that ideal budget it would pay for itself. Not to mention the pro-photographer expense. Or if it a

I cannot handle new technology! Film seems so overwhelming! When you google it it certainly is! But when you read this course you're going to feel empowered because I've narrowed the scope and laid out the tools you need in an easy and logical way. You'll be able to get started right now!

Ready to Begin?

Here's what you'll get ....

A complete module dedicated to teaching you how to shoot film well. 

Two modules coaching you through my methods for creating beautiful photos.

Bonuses & a community of cheerleaders in the Facebook Group 


But just in case ...

The Visionary Way is the only course of its kind. Other courses teach you how to shoot film, but neglect the methods you need to apply what you learn. The Visionary Way has everything you need to transfrom your photos.



I first want to say , if you are scared of starting in film because it seems to difficult and complicated RUN, do not walk to sign up for Sara Weirs , The Visionary Way.

I always admired and gravitated more toward people shooting film on instagram. I thought about trying for a long time but didn’t know where to start. I saw Sara’s post on instagram about the course and didn’t hesitate to sign up. I loved how welcoming she was and explained everything well.  

Sara explains things in a simple precise manner that it is so easy to follow along especially for a beginner in film like I am. Thd Visionary Way is so well thought out and broken up into the different categories and is so so helpful. I go back and rewatch her videos or reread the material often. 

I would recommend this course for beginners or anyone that is already shooting film and still has questions. Sara has the answers! She is very helpful and so encouraging in our facebook group as well. Without Sara’s great instructions and videos, I would not have been able to accomplish what I have already!  

This is one of the best investments in my photography journey that I have made ! As I said, RUN, don’t walk to sign up ……you will thank yourself later.  




Before going through Sara's Visionary Way I felt so uninspired with the pictures I had in my own life, even though I had spent months and months curating the portfolio of my dreams. "What's the use of having a gorgeous portfolio while the pictures of the most important people in my life are not being captured well?" I know that sounds dramatic, but I had this guilty feeling every time I'd scroll through my photos from my phone. I couldn't imagine printing any of them. I was pretty sure that part of the answer was film, but I wasn't sure why. And even more, I was terrified and totally intimidated by the film world. But Sara was the best guide through the whole thing. Every times she talks about photographing her family, I cry.  

When my first rolls came back from the lab, I couldn't believe how good the pictures looked! I had done everything Sara had told me! I saw the pictures of my in'laws playing with Arthur. Of Micheal and Arthur together. And even though they weren't perfect, a few of them pretty much were. They feel like pictures that will stay with us forever. Like pictures I might see in a book or museum or something. I want pictures like this that will stay.

Helping you tranform your photos with the mindful process of film photography.

The Visionay Way

The complete resource to creating mindfully present imagery that elevates your portolfio and snapshots. 


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