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Bi-Weekly Emails Every Tuesday and Friday get short and sweet emails in your inbox with all the information you need to hit that purchase button! 

Best Cameras These are all cameras I would purchase myself if I didn't already have a collection! And ranging in price from $20-$200+ so you can find something to match your budget and skill level. 

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Who Am I?

I'm Sara a passionate film photographer capturing brand stories and wedding celebrations all over. 

I am a firm believer that film is a beautiful process that is for everyone. From the very first time I shot with it I felt a heightened sense of awareness that not only helped me be more present, but it also imprinted those experiences firmly in my memory. So I can vividly recall those experiences without referencing the images I captured. 

It's something I want for everyone. And that's why I'm here! To put a film camera in your hands for FREE! So you can tap into the awesome process of creating memories that is film photography!

Words from those who are shooting, and loving film now!

Real people who just a few months ago weren't shooting film

Last night I shot a maternity session in a lavendar field, and I started with digital to warm up, then went to film, and the difference in listening to all the winds & smelling the lavendar when I switched to my film camera was just incredible. I'm excited to get the scans back. Hoping they turn out (fingers crossed). But even if not, it made the experience that much more enjoyable!

- Ashley

I've photographed three rolls of film so far and just recently received the scans back from the lab and wow! You guys, I'm so excited to share them! I was in tears at how beautiful they are, but what I think stuck me the most was the fact that I could remember the moments in each photo. And to this mam right here, I'm in love with this amazing bonus of film!

- Holly 

Just felt like I can't experience my life fully anymore without film photography being part of it!

- Viktoriya

Hi Sara! I just purchased a new film camera and wanted to sy thank you for inspiring me to start shooting film. It's something I've wanted to dive into for a while now and your messages about it really gave me the final push!

- Cali

Jump in! That camera has been waiting for you too!